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Phyto Aloe vera Herbal Soap– Enriched with Vitamin ‘E’– Anti Ageing– Anti Pimples & Moisturizing Soap..
रु 90/-
Ex Tax:रु 90/-
Phyto Feel Safe Sunscreen Cream- UV Seal(SPF 30)– Sun Block SPF 30..
रु 350/-
Ex Tax:रु 350/-
Phyto Ginger Plus Sampoo– Supplements to nourish your hair– Special Product for soft, healthy and shiny hair..
रु 185/-
Ex Tax:रु 185/-
Phyto Herbal Lip Guard– For Dry Lips– Effective care for cracking and chopping due to cold weather– 100% with petroleum jelly– 10gm..
रु 50/-
Ex Tax:रु 50/-
PhytoMax Herbal Toothpaste– Formulated for strong Teeth, Healing gums and long lasting freshness..
रु 135/-
Ex Tax:रु 135/-
Rich in Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Iron, Protein and Vitamin B12– 17times more calcium than in Milk– 9times more Protein than in Curd– 7times more Vitamin C than in Orange– 10times more Vitamin A than in Carrot– 15times more Potassium than in Banana– 25times more Iron than in Spinach..
रु 950/-
Ex Tax:रु 950/-
10 ml Phyto Liquid Chlorophyll Nutritional Health Drink = 1 kg of Fruits/Green Vegetable..
रु 1,250/-
Ex Tax:रु 1,250/-
For those Patients who have:– Gastritis– High Blood Pressure– DiabetesNot to Consume:– Patients having Radiation Therapy– Pregnant Woman– Better not to consume in Empty Stomach..
रु 325/-
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Phyto Pain Relief Oil– For instant Pain Relief..
रु 350/-
Ex Tax:रु 350/-
Phyto Pain Relief Oil– For instant Pain Relief..
रु 550/-
Ex Tax:रु 550/-
Phyto Rub Vick– Relieves 6 Cold Symptoms– With Menthol Camphor and Eucalyptus OilWeight: 25gm..
रु 100/-
Ex Tax:रु 100/-
– Good for Digestion– Helps to Burn Fat– Makes body Slim..
रु 1,500/-
Ex Tax:रु 1,500/-
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