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Selling Fees

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Our super-competitive fees are designed to provide incredible value, so that all you need to think about is delivering an out-of-this-world experience to your buyers.

How are fees applied?

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We only charge you a commission on the value of products in an order, based on their categories.

After your item is sold successfully, you will be charged a commission fee based on the item sales value. This commission fee is a percentage of the selling value, with a minimum of 50 Rs per item.

The final value fee will have a minimum of 50 Rs and the percentage will vary per category as illustrated in the table below
CategoriesFinal Value Fees
Minimum% Fees
EBooks, Cell Phones, Camera and Photo, Consumer Electronics and Video Game Consoles 50/- Rs


Mobile Phones Accessories, Sports Goods, Health and Beauty Products (Except Perfumes) Toys, Video Games, Video and DVD 50/- Rs


All other categories 50/- Rs 15%
Click here to view the entire list of categories and their associated commission fee

Example 1: 5% category

If you sell a camera at 3000 Rs, then the final commission fee is 150 Rs (or 5% of 3000 Rs).

Commission fee: 150.00 Rs

Example 2: 10% category

If you sell a watch at 2000 Rs, then the final commission fee is 200 Rs (or 10% of 200 Rs).

Commission fee: 200 Rs

Example 3: Items at/below Rs 500

If you sell an item at 500 Rs , then the final commission fee is 100 Rs (commission for items at/ below Rs 500 is 20%).

Commission fee: 100 Rs