Fig Pickle 400gm

Fig Pickle 400gm

Eastern philosophy has described much about the significance of pickle. Though less, it is inevitable part of our meal. Spicy, bitter, sour taste pickle speaks of significance of Nepali meal. It helps to crave for more food even if you have no appetite for it.  It adds taste to food by two folds. The regular and balanced consumption of pickle also helps in weight loss because it contains few calories.

Pickle produced by Paicho contains raw materials produced in hilly and high hilly areas and it is tastier compared to otherachar. Paicho Achar prepared using Nepali Masala, vegetables produced in hilly and high hilly areas is not only delicious but also healthier. It is enriched in antioxidant which protects body from free radicals. Likewise, it also makes digestive system more efficient. Different studies have proved that consumption of food grown in high altitude areas help in reducing wrinkles, increasing sexual performance. Everything produced in Paicho production centre is produced in high altitude areas.


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