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Garcinia Cambogia-Slimming Fat Burn Capsules

 Impressive Benefits of Garcinia CambogiaPromotes Weight LossHelps Reduces DepressionAids In Cholesterol SupportHelps Suppress AppetiteCan Help T..

Rs 3,500/- Ex Tax: Rs 3,500/-

Moringa Leaf Powder Herbal Drink

Rich in Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Iron, Protein and Vitamin B12– 17times more calcium than in Milk– 9times more Protein than in Curd– 7times more Vita..

Rs 950/- Ex Tax: Rs 950/-

Nutritional Health Drink

10 ml Phyto Liquid Chlorophyll Nutritional Health Drink = 1 kg of Fruits/Green Vegetable..

Rs 1,250/- Ex Tax: Rs 1,250/-


OMEGA-3 FISH OIL मा पाइने DHA र EPA को स्वस्थमा हुने फाइदाहरु;मुटु रोग, कोलेस्टेरोल, उच्च रक्तचापमा रोक।विभिन्न प्रकारका क्यान्सरहुनुबाट रोक ।डिप्रेस..

Rs 2,500/- Ex Tax: Rs 2,500/-

Organic Green Tea

For those Patients who have:– Gastritis– High Blood Pressure– DiabetesNot to Consume:– Patients having Radiation Therapy– Pregnant Woman– Better not t..

Rs 325/- Ex Tax: Rs 325/-

Pain Relief Oil

Phyto Pain Relief Oil– For instant Pain Relief..

Rs 350/- Ex Tax: Rs 350/-

Rub Vick

Phyto Rub Vick– Relieves 6 Cold Symptoms– With Menthol Camphor and Eucalyptus OilWeight: 25gm..

Rs 100/- Ex Tax: Rs 100/-

Slim Tea

– Good for Digestion– Helps to Burn Fat– Makes body Slim..

Rs 1,500/- Ex Tax: Rs 1,500/-

Sugar Free Herbal Tea

Stevia tea is a natural sweetener made from the stevia rebaudiana plant, Controls DiabetesWeight LossRegulates Blood PressurePrevents CancerLower..

Rs 200/- Ex Tax: Rs 200/-

Vitex fantastic herb

Vitex is a fantastic herb for fertility, helping with a range of issues such as PMS, low progesterone, lack of ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles..

Rs 3,000/- Ex Tax: Rs 3,000/-