Healthy CFL Negative Ion

Healthy CFL Negative Ion

negative ion air purifying CFL
Power choose :15w,20w,25w
lighting while purifying air ,
special for smoking , dust, bad smell

negative ion air purifying CFL

Air Purification Principle:

negative ion devices are installed in energy saving lamps. The lamps purify the air by generating negative ions that attach to and eliminate
hundreds of air contaminants (positively charged ions), making the air that you
breathe fresher.

Each cubic centimeter can produce 300,0000 negative oxygen ions.

It can saving 80% energy

The lifetime is ordinary incandescent lamp's 10 times

It can effective eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, carbon monoxide ,smog, dust and so on noxious gas

Benefits of the Negative Ion purifying lamp:

  1. It helps to Cleans air and clear dust pollens, removes smoke, pollution, air contaminants and bad odors.
  2. Eliminates Odors
  3. Gets rid of germs and bacterial that triggers allergies, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis
  4. Revitalized body energy and eased fatigue and tiredness
  5. Relieves headache caused by excessive exposure to computers
  6. Energy saver and will last up 10,000.00 hrs
  7. It helps to purify one’s blood by stimulating blood circulation.
  8. It regulates cells’ metabolism process; helps one to stay youthful and healthy
  9. It strengthens ones immune system, preventing sickness and cold
  10. It helps self-regulating nerves, relieves insomnia, headaches, pain in the back and waist, rheumatism, high blood pressure, etc.
  11. Each bulb is capable of refreshing air in an area up to 10 square meters


Negative Ion Content vs. Health Chart
Indoor Air Quality Awareness
The most important components to ensure wellness are

  • Healthy Food
  • Pure Water
  • Sufficient Rest
  • Fresh and Clean Air

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies on human exposure to the air pollutants indicate that indoor air is almost six times more polluted than outdoor air. Biological pollutants can cause sneezing, coughing, breathlessness, dizziness, lethargic feeling, sleep disorders, digestive problems, among the others. Thus, it is almost impossible to achieve good health by breathing polluted air.

Healthy air contains high levels of negative ions, and these are often found in beaches, in the mountains, in pine forest and near waterfalls. These places are where people got to relax and feel refreshed.

Prevalent Condition Content(No. Anion per cm3) Effects
Home with the conditioner turned-on for a long time 0-25 May cause colds, sinus and allergic rhistis
Air in houses located in urban area 40-50 May cause headaches and insomia to the residents
Urban street s with vehicles emitting smoke 100-200 May cause respiratory and skin ailments
Open-parks in urban areas 1,000-2,000 Can meet the basic demand of healthy air requirement
Outdoors / Open Field 5,000-50,000 Strengthen the immunity of the human body and its antibacterial ability
High Mountain / Seashore 50,000-100,000 May reduce the harmful effects / cure ailments caused by air pollution.
Forest, Waterfalls 100,000-500,000 Helps in building a strong resistance to disease



•    The bulb should not be installed in sockets or areas directly exposed to water, rain ETC.
•    Do not use with dimmers or dimming circuits.
•    Do not use in totally enclosed or recessed fixtures/receptacles, such as pin lights.
•    It should not also be used in emergency exit fixtures or lights and should never be used in electronic timers or photo cells.
•    Install and remove lamp from fixture by grasping the plastic bag and never touch  the lamp with your bare fingers only.

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