Diane Morgan - Gemlore (2008)

Diane Morgan - Gemlore (2008)

Ancient Secrets And Modern Myths From The Stone Age To The Rock Age

Every culture has developed its own lore of rocks. From the stones of Aaron's breastplate to the foundational rocks of the New Jerusalem, from the creation tales of South America to the blood stones of Burma, gems have taken their place in the mythology and magic of the human race. This book details the lore attached to particular gems. Each chapter covers a particular stone and discusses the gem's geological, historical, mythical, and legendary qualities. A valuable resource for anyone researching symbols, myth, history, or literature, this book also helps science students understand the humanistic context of gemstones and offers social studies students a fascinating view of gems in world cultures.

Each chapter covers a particular gemstone, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. It also covers organic gems, such as pearl, coral, and amber. The chapters discuss the natural history of the stone, including where the gem is found, its value, and its use; the role the gem has played in history, especially for certain famous stones such as the Hope Diamond; and the myths, powers, and legends that have attached to the stone over the centuries. Science students will appreciate the humanistic context the book offers for gemstones, while social studies students will appreciate its consideration of gems across times and places. Students of literature and the arts will welcome the book's attention to gems as symbols, and general readers will find it a fascinating guide to the lore and legend of precious stones.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface
  2. General Introduction
  3. Agate
  4. Amber
  5. Amethyst
  6. Aquamarine
  7. Bloodstone
  8. Carnelian
  9. Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
  10. Chalcedony
  11. Chrysosprase
  12. Citrine
  13. Coral
  14. Diamond
  15. Emerald
  16. Garnet
  17. Hematite
  18. Jade
  19. Jasper
  20. Jet
  21. Lapis Lazuli
  22. Malachite
  23. Moonstone
  24. Onyx
  25. Opal
  26. Pearl
  27. Peridot
  28. Rock Crystal
  29. Rose Quartz
  30. Ruby
  31. Sapphire
  32. Sardonyx
  33. Smoky Quartz
  34. Topaz
  35. Turquoise
  36. Zircon
  37. Bibliography

About the Author: Diane Morgan is Adjunct Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Wilson College. Her many books include From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail: Emeralds in Myth, Magic, and History (Praeger, 2007), and The Buddhist Experience in America (Greenwood, 2004).


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Diane Morgan - Gemlore (2008)

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