Ninja power of the mind

Ninja power of the mind

The Koga Ninja have employed various mystical methods to channel and utilize the inner energies of the mind and body. Less than ten percent of one's inner potential is used by the average person. In extreme situations, however, even common, untrained people may accidentally tap these hidden reserves and perform amazing feats of strength, concentration and sheer force of will.

The Ninja have developed systematic ways to invoke such abilities and more. This is not, as some claim, a religion or sorcery, but a proven approach to connecting oneself with the physical and psychic forces within. Through years of training, discipline and practice, a Ninja can perform feats that, to the ignorant, seem superhuman.

This can account for many of the supernatural legends about the Ninja being able to turn invisible, control the minds of others, and stun or kill with a touch, a shout, or even a look. This instruction manual is designed to start a novice Ninja on the path to enlightenment.

The Jumon is a term referring to the system of 81 cuts, or hand symbols (9x9), for complete enlightenment and mastery of oneself and all things. Many of these hand symbols have specialized uses, and must be taught by a Master Ninja. The Jumon hand symbols are referred to as cuts because they intersect mystical planes of force which emanate throughout the universe. The hand symbols cut through these planes of energy and tap into them.

Thus the term cut will be used interchangeably with hand symbol. For example, the system of nine hand symbols described in Chapter Three is known as the "Kuji-kiri." This term, literally translated, means "nine cuts." This training manual will introduce the Ninja to special breathing techniques, the five basic cuts of the Jumon levels of power: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void, the nine cuts of the Kuji-kiri (the nine cuts), and the combined power of the Ju-jitsu power grid (all nine cuts of the Kuji-kiri combined with a tenth cut).

It must be understood from the beginning that these skills, like the Silent Way itself, take a lifetime to master.........

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