Psychic Seduction

Psychic Seduction


Synopsis :
This Book explains the little-known method for seducing
another person using only the power of your mind.

Providing you follow the steps clearly and with patience,
these techniques will open you up to a hidden world around
you and give you a peek at just how easily the mind can
influence others.

Table of Content of Psychic Seduction :


The Mind

Hidden Frequencies

Chapter One

Energy is All Around Us


Mental Arousal


Chapter Two

Lowering Brain Frequencies to Get in Sync

Technique to Lower Your BrainWave State.

The Brainwave Entrainment Technique™

The Corrector Technique™

The Color-Entrainment Technique ™

Chapter Three

Mind Seduction

Very Important Note

Follow Up Medicine

Organ Heating Method ™


The Final Chapter of Basic Psychic Seduction


A Devious Application

Healing Purposes

Advanced Psychic Seduction

Advanced Anchoring for Psychic Seduction

Altered States Accessing ™

The Seducer’s Mind Set ™

Advanced Subliminal Power

Psychic Thought Tracers™

The Ultimate Seduction ™

Aura Meld ™

Advanced Psychic Seduction Addendum

Hyper Mental Techniques for Seduction

The Remote Viewing Seduction ™

Psychic Handshake ™

Magick Candle Spell

Pentagram Spell ™

Cosmic Force Charging

Cosmic Telepathy 261

Advanced Organ Heating

User Contributions to Psychic Seduction

Knell Young’s Eye Method

Tim Gula’s Pitch Fork Method

Angel’s Phone Number

Massimo’s Clitoral Method

Thor's Meridian Slashing

Even More Techniques!



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Psychic Seduction

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